Barnwood Dining Sets

If these barns could speak!  Step into a world where history meets modernity with our reclaimed barnwood dining sets, crafted from authentic and regionally sourced materials. Each piece tells a story, having been meticulously cleaned and kiln-dried to ensure the highest quality. Our dining sets not only boast a timeless vintage charm but also embody a commitment to sustainability by repurposing one of nature’s most valuable gifts: wood.

Harvested from structures handcrafted a century or more ago, and built from trees felled by the swing of an axe, each reclaimed board is tended with intentional care to restore its beauty and carry a new purpose.

Choose from the expertly styled sets on display  in our showroom, or customize your arrangement with your selected finish and accents to really meld the natural beauty of hardwood with your style!

Our barn wood reclamation process is a testament to our dedication to green living. By preserving the old and venerable, we breathe new life into the wood, ensuring that this precious resource continues to serve and inspire for generations to come. Visit our showroom to see our collection of barnwood dining sets and pieces  that are as stylish as they are sustainable!


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