Leg Tables

The timeless silhouette of a legged dining table. It’s like it’s saying, “Come on in, pull up a chair.” And the unique styles and steadfast construction of our dining and kitchen leg tables will have you saying, “Can I stay awhile?”

You may not quite be sure exactly what you’re searching for, but you know it’s the kind of table that fits right into the heart of your home, no matter the style or trend. Whether your space sings with the charm of the old world or dances to the beat of modern simplicity, our collection of dining and kitchen leg tables stand proudly, offering a sturdy foundation for those everyday moments and special occasions.


Hostest with the mostest? Those times when your home becomes a hub of laughter and stories, that’s where the expandable beauty of a dining and kitchen leg table with extension leaves really shines through. With just a slide and a click, you can extend your table to welcome in the whole crew.

It’s about making room for one more, about not having to say, “Sorry, we’re a little tight on space.” And when the night winds down, it’s about tucking that space away just as easily, ready for the next day’s quiet coffee moments.

Practical, yes, but it’s also about creating a space that’s truly yours, without stretching your budget. That’s the kind of value that makes a house a home. Whether it’s a weekday meal or a weekend soiree, your leg table is there, steady and strong, gathering your loved ones around. 🏡

We invite you to come and feel the difference quality makes. Visit our local showroom, run by people who understand that a table is not just a purchase—it’s an addition to your family, and work alongside you to create the perfect piece for your life and personal style. View our gallery of curated designs on display and ready to love!

 Conway Dining Set *on display*

Your home is unique, and your table should be too. Our custom design service lets you choose the size, finish, and style that’s right for you, because here, it’s personal.

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