Adirondacks, Poly Seating and Accent Tables

Poly Outdoor Furniture Collections

Sit back and Adiron-lax!

The comforts of inside are brought outdoors with our SHOW-STOPPING collection of Adirondacks, poly seating and accent tables.

Available in dining, counter, or bar height our poly outdoor Adirondack seating and accent tables come in a wide range of colors and fabrics to customize your space and ensure you’re the one with whom the neighbors are keeping up.

Our outdoor poly seating and accent tables are built to stay outside year-round, whether you face the snows of Ohio winters or the sand and saltwater of the coast! Care-free maintenance means you will love your set, effortlessly, for the long haul!

Our showroom is stocked with a rotating inventory of Adirondack-style outdoor furniture, perfect for every taste and deck, patio, porch, backyard….wherever you choose, our carefree maintenance, weather-proof outdoor furniture is meant for living easy!

Browse from our styled sets and pieces, or choose your finish, color, and cushion options from our expansive selection to create your vision! Whether you are looking for a classic farmhouse feel, or want to keep things sleek and modern, our outdoor poly Adirondack-style seating, accent tables, outdoor rugs, and accessories have everything you’ve been searching for in quality outdoor furnishings.

🌿Made from 95% recycled materials our poly outdoor furniture LOOKS GREAT IN and is great FOR the environment!


If you need poly outdoor Adirondack seating and accent tables, you clearly want Clear Creek. 

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