Hartland Barn Wood Dining Collection

The Hartland dining collection is named for a coastal village in the county of Devon, England. It is the center of a rural neighborhood and once upon a time served as an important port. The architecture of the area is mainly Tudor, which mixes furniture styles from the Renaissance and Gothic periods; the final phase of Medieval design.

The Hartland furniture collection reflects the Tudor design in its lines and structure. Pictured here in the pewter stain, it also evokes a nautical feel that pays homage to Hartland’s lighthouse and association with the sea. In fact, sitting around the impressive table, you can imagine enjoying a late-night dinner in the lighthouse as you wait for the ships to come in safely.

This showstopping table comes in a solid 1 ¼” top of 42” x either 60”, 72”, 84”, or 96”, but if you need to switch things up now and then, you can choose the extendable tabletop in lengths of 54” to 72”, featuring two or four 12” leaves, with an optional skirt. Both are made with 100% reclaimed smooth oak barnwood and are shown here with mission round over edges

The Hartland collection provides ample seating with matching arm and side chairs, along with a bench with legs that match those of the table. The bench is available in several lengths from 48” to 96”. If you need a place to store your essentials, then the server add-on piece is a must, featuring three drawers and two cabinets designed as barn door fronts.

If you are drawn to coastal design and hints of nautical in your home, the Hartland collection provides a classic seashore vibe in an elegant furniture package. Check out all of the furniture collections available here at Clear Creek Furniture to see if the Hartland collection is right for you and your home.

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