Boston Barn Wood Dining Collection

When many people think of Boston, they think of the Massachusetts town that has so much to do with the origin story of America, but this collection was actually named for Boston, Lincolnshire, a small town on the east coast of England, about 100 miles north of London. This town is relatively small, with a population of 35,000, but is best known for it’s famous St. Botolph’s church, nicknamed “The Stump” that can be seen from all over the region. This area gained notoriety as a notable town and port in the 1600s, especially to its staple trade of wool (and later in fishing and grain) and has a varied history of visitors and settlers. Stories have said that Romans, Vikings, Monks, Pilgrims, and a variety of other types congregated here at one point or another. It was also where John Calvin established his new religion known as Calvinism.

The Boston Dining Collection calls to mind all of these things that we know both Bostons for—a storied past filled with lots of intrigue and famous visitors, including those who have changed history and who have contributed much to their nation’s success. The pieces are delightfully crafted and hint at a varied origin story, bringing about wonderful conversations and anecdotes from those who may dine on them in the present day. Their solid construction; however, is classic, and is truly appropriate for a variety of continents, places, times, and settings, truly withstanding the test of time.

The rectangular 42” X 84” table top stands 30” high and is made of rough sawn barnwood oak and is pictured here with R-R stain. You can also purchase the table in lengths of 60”, 72”, 96”, and 108”, as well as a variety of extension options so you can adjust it for the perfect size depending on your gathering. The base of the table is black metal, featuring square pipes, and the metal and wood materials combine in perfect harmony—that will match virtually anything else you have in your dining room.

If you’re looking for a dining set that can be a focal point for years and generations to come, then you’ve found the right pieces with the Boston Collection.

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